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This 2001 Mustang was in

a collision which damaged

almost every body panel,

as well as the convertible

top.  We repaired the car

to better than new




  Auto Body and collision is an extremely complex operation on today's high tech vehicles.  That is why it is important for a vehicle owner to know what type of shop is performing services on their vehicle.  With all the integrated computer systems including air bags, computer suspension, computer traction control and the many other sophisticated systems on today's automobiles, you certainly don't want anyone not qualified to work on your vehicle or touch it.  Our body mechanics all have years of experience in our field and continue to upgrade our education on a continuing schedule.  We  can assure you that your vehicle is being repaired by qualified technicians who have a great sense of pride in their work and only except perfection from themselves. 

    We also try very hard to be environmentally friendly in our body shop as we recycle all used parts including steel, aluminum and plastics.  We also recycle cardboard and paper products, all to do our part in reducing our carbon foot print.

This 2007 Toyota Sienna was in a

hard front end collision which

required replacement of all the

front end sheet metal as well

as much of the structural steel


The air bags were deployed

and the instrument panel

was damaged as a result.

All new parts were installed

and the car is like new again


Here is an example of a before and after view of a Nissan Altima we recently had in our shop for repair.  As you can see from the photo, the entire front end of the vehicle was damaged.  We replaced the front suspension parts along with the entire front nose of the vehicle.  Extensive work was required to bring the vehicle back to manufacturers body measurements and make sure that the vehicle would steer straight and not cause poor tire wear.  We also replaced air bag sensors, radiator and coolant parts along with air conditioning components.  The vehicle was then painted and polished to a better than new shine.





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